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Letter From An Actor One

Letter From An Actor One

Letter From An Actor One
Letter From An Actor One

29 Bowes Road,
London N,W,3
October 29th
Dear David, 

          I     I've just written to apply for new job. I heard from a friend that a new theatre in one of the London suburbs is trying to form a permanent team of actors who can play anything from farce to tragedy, and I have high hopes of being chosen as one of them. A new theatre! A new company! And, they say, all new plays! What a prospect! We might open a new chapter in theatrical history! I say 'we', rather hastily perhaps, because I  am dreaming so vividly of 
becoming one of them.

         But I think, soberly, that my chances are good. * Do you remember when I was acting at Windsor ? Forgive me for talking about myself, but I'm trying to encourage myself by thinking about such qualifications as I have. (Perhaps that's foolish of me, but I can't help it.) Well (hoping for the best*), do you remember that when I was playing the part of a ghost one week, a murderer the next, and a deceived  husband the week after that? What a trio that was! I admit that I forgot my lines one night and said the ghost's words ʿ I shall never leave this house again ʾ when I should have said the husband's words ʿ I shall never come back to this house again ʾ!
But apart from that it was very successful-----everybody said I was a real chameleon!

       I'm told that they plan to open this new theatre with a play in which one actor plays two twin brothers. If only*  I could get that part! The two brothers look exactly alike, but one is light – hearted and charming, while the other is very solemn and dull --- the first is the hero, the second is a comic character.

If only I could have a try at them! Of course they never appear on the stage at the same time. Though I feel so confident that I wouldn't mind even trying to be in two places at once, If necessary!*

      I've talked about no One but myself in this letter, but I hope, once again, that you'll forgive me and write soon to let me know what you're doing these days.* My letter of application was as exclusively* about me, but I've tried to write in a more restrained way there, as I have always found that mangers prefer restraint in letters from actors, if not in the actors themselves!
Best wishes, Yours ever, Gerald